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Motor Sport Rescue

Motor sport is an exciting spectator sport and very popular around the world. Part of what makes motor sport so exciting to watch is the element of danger associated with it. High speed vehicles, racing in confined spaces with sharp bends and other vehicles in close proximity makes accidents inevitable.

Most accidents are minor, thanks mainly to the advancements in safety design in vehicles and on tracks but occasionally there are serious collisions and accidents that require a swift and immediate response by trained motor sport rescue teams.

Motor Sport Rescue You have found one of the UK’s most experienced motor sport rescue companies!

PB Fire only use highly experienced and trained emergency personnel, equipped with the latest vehicle rescue equipment including hydraulic cutting equipment and hydraulic rams which ensure we can quickly extricate trapped drivers from their vehicles.

We recently gave a public exhibition of a vehicle rescue at Donnigton Park Racetrack in which our staff staged a rescue of a trapped driver by removing the windows, doors and roof with hydraulic cutting equipment and hydraulic rams. You can see the photos in our photo gallery.

If you need to provide motor sport safety and rescue cover then you need to talk to PB Fire, the motor sport rescue specialists.